Bordeaux : Agnès Bassène launches Be joulie, her collection of ethnic jewels

La Bordelaise creates a range of African-inspired necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. A crowdfunding campaign is underway.

“Be” for the verb to be in English. “Joulie” as a contraction of jewelry and pretty. Be pretty with the accessories of Agnès Bassène, a young Bordeaux designer who has just launched her collection. Braided rope, yarn, cotton, wax fabric: the 32-year-old Bordeaux native of Senegal, boasts the simple and flexible </ strong> side of these jewels. “The same necklace can go from the most sober to the most ornate, by adding pieces,” she says.
In a phase of accompaniment to the creation of a company, Agnès has just launched a crowdfunding campaign. 2,000 euros are requested for equipment such as a sewing machine </ strong> or engraving tools. We can contribute to the start of the activity of Agnès until October 22, 2016.